A Sad Story about the Green Currency

We are currently in the eye of the cyclone, it is calm, we will take holidays and everything will resume in September … At least, that is what the media and our great international thinkers say. The G20 has already released all its heavy artillery out of crisis.

To give you an idea, according to Bloomberg, the US government has already spent $ 3.2 trillion ($ 1 trillion) and would be ready to go up to $ 7.7 trillion to revive the infernal machine. The total sum of all major US expenditures in its history (the Vietnam War, Iraq, the Marshall Plan, etc.), reduced to current inflation rates, amounts to 3.5 trillion. If it proved useful! Unfortunately, this little game of giving the banks what they want has absolutely not solved the problems of the real economy: tightening credit, resulting in job losses and bankruptcies.

To get an idea, there are also the last two reports of the GEAB (Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin) titled “When the world finally emerges from the frame of reference of the last sixty years” (see figure) And “The Three Wicked Waves of Summer 2009”. Number 35 insists on the loss of reliable benchmarks and indicators, contrary to optimistic global announcements. The GEAB team also advises us to review the Matrix film to “reflect on the consequences of the manipulation of the sensors and indicators of an environment on the perception of this environment. ”

In issue 36, GEAB stresses that summer 2009 will see the convergence of three “wreck waves” that are particularly destructive and reflect the worsening crisis. These three waves are respectively: unemployment, bankruptcies and the death of the Dollar and the Book.

Same for the G20 or Europe! “Each country is represented by its Minister of Finance and its Governor of the Central Bank, to which are attached several hundred Senior Officials, chosen for their neoliberal convictions within the national and international administrations … No one can become the Governor A Central Bank or the Finance Minister of any of the member countries … without being co-opted by commercial bankers or insurers (who are generally shareholders of the largest banks). “(Source: G20: no chance for any change!)

The dollar reference is coming to an end. Its replacement is increasingly mentioned by the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China). China is advancing the use of the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR), based on a basket of currencies and balancing trade balances in deficit or surplus between nations. Bye-bye the American scam, hello that of the countries BRIC (1). In 2002 for example it was calculated that the dollar had yielded 400 billion in the United States just because it was the international currency. The United States has been living on credit for a long time, but this time it seems that they have gone too far. The world is tired of working for a client who does not pay or who pays in “monkey money and toxic assets”.

The only forcible precipitation of the dollar resides in its detention by a number of creditors still too numerous. All of them try to get rid of them as quickly as possible, massive purchases of land (Cfr. Poor Countries for sale), raw materials (China has made its stock), gold buying, currency shelters … See for example This fact various 134 billion in a suitcase on the Italo-Swiss border! Or this famous video circulating on YouTube concerning the “loss” of 9000 billion dollars to the Fed. Would there be enough trees on earth if we really had to print those 9,000 billion paper notes? For a more technical and detailed analysis, the article Market analysis: we will not go higher! Denotes, among other things, a drop in the price of US Treasury bonds, the main source of US government funding.

The death of the dollar will not be smooth. From “non-negotiable”, the American way of life will become “unenviable”. All the great empires have an end: the Incas, the Greeks, the Romans … All the great dogmas also have an end: money is scarce, money is neutral, all profits are good for the nation or confidence is not restored Not at the height of billions!

Grave? Yes it is … but certainly no worse than what awaits us in a future that is getting closer and closer every day … Let’s see the good side of things, since the beautiful speeches (Mitterrand), warnings (Reeves, IPCC ), Reports (Stern), protocols (Kyoto) and international agreements are not enough, is not a serious crisis the best way to bring us back to reality? This economic-financial crisis is a forced step of the world so that it understands that its system of dominant value is obsolete and hypocritical. An “above ground” value system, totally uprooted from human and natural realities. Unfortunately, it is still the weakest and the most deprived who will suffer.

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