Ana Nives Radović

Economist • Jurist of EU Law • Painter
Crypto mathematician. The very first Montenegrin FinTech analyst.

Most of my time I deal with financial analysis, painting and cryptocurrency lecturing. I am PhD candidate and author of more than 1.500 financial analyses published in 12 countries.

I was born on August 5, 1984 in Kotor, Montenegro, lived in six countries and I am still moving. The world of finance has opened its door to me in 2004 when I have started working in the bank.

ana nives radovicAfter gaining the title of economist (Cro/USA 2007) and lawyer of the international law and law of the EU (Mne/EU 2010) I continued postgraduate studies in the area of financial consulting, and corporate governance and financial markets, making a research on the impact of the media on the capital market.

From 2004 to 2009 I have been working in financial and marketing sectors of hotels and tourist agencies, but later I have set up my own business in consulting and translation of financial correspondence from English, French, Italian, Spanish and Slovenian under AR-Vision.

In addition to Latin and Roman languages, I have been exploring the etymology of Czech and Slovak, and a group of Slavic languages.

I cooperate with international organisations and academic institutions that arrange lectures and training programs where I teach of finance, currencies and cryptocurrency trends. My first reviews on domestic and foreign political and economic events have began to be published in 2009 in the national and regional media.

Since 2004 I am devoted to painting, and through the Eurogalleries network I had 12 exhibitions and 19 promotions, with one humanitarian exhibition every year.